Galactic Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster that offers delicious and unique coffee products inspired by space.

We roast in small batches of no more than 40 pounds at a time, using the finest roasting equipment available. All our coffees use true single-origin beans and not a blend of beans. This provides for a smooth, consistent, and delicious taste.

You can contact us by messaging Sean W on his instagram or by emailing us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) When will I receive my order?All the information you need about when your order will arrive can be found here on our Shipping Information page.2.) How should I prepare my Galactic Roasters coffee?Our coffee can be brewed the same as any other ground coffee, so whatever machine or method you like will work just fine. We recommend about 2 tablespoons of our ground coffee per 6-8 oz of water. Everyone enjoys coffee a little differently, so you can adjust the ratio of coffee to water to your own desires. The only thing our ground coffees will not work in is an espresso machine. Our coffee can also be cold brewed!3.) How long will my coffee last? What is the shelf life?Every single bag of Galactic Roasters coffee you order is freshly roasted and packaged in a heat sealed specialized coffee bag. We are confident any bag of our coffee you receive will be one of, if not the freshest you have ever had.Like all coffees, ours will start to lose some freshness after 5 to 6 weeks, after being opened, but you probably would not be able to tell without having two cups in front of you to test. Our coffee is a true and completely dry food product, which means it has a long shelf life.An unopened bag with the heat seal untouched will stay mostly fresh for about 2-3 months. After that, you will slowly begin to lose some flavor with each passing month. Most coffee in the supermarket is roughly 7-12 months old on average, which is just one reason it cannot compare to a true single-origin and fresh coffee like Galactic Roasters.4.) Are your coffees gluten free?Absolutely! Drink away and enjoy!5.) Do you sell K-Cups?At this time we do not and we are still not sure if we will. We highly recommend a standard drip machine over any K machine.